Vizarsin Price: Multinational European Company Releases its Own Generic Viagra

Vizarsin Price

Brand: Vizarsin

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: KRKA

Country of Manufacture: Slovenia

Vizarsin Package Image

Review and Description

Vizarsin price is an important factor to keep in mind while shopping for ED medications online. Vizarsin is a drug created for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Manufactured in Slovenia, it is one of the larger group of drugs containing Sildenafil Citrate that have been circulated in the market to treat this condition. Erectile dysfunction in men has many causes. While some men experience this from time to time in their lives, a few others are unfortunate to have this condition as a more regular occurrence. Triggers could vary from lack of sexual attraction to their partners, pathophysiological changes with regards to their microcirculation, certain medications and treatments to stress, and a few others.

Sildenafil Citrate is a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor. It works primarily by increasing blood flow into the microcirculatory bed of the penile blood circulation. This phenomenon is normally regulated by cyclic GMP and the 5-phosphodiesterase enzyme. In the normal physiology of the male sexual organs, an increase in blood flow is initiated by cyclic GMP, which also slows down the outflow of blood from the penile arteries. This causes the penis to become engorged with blood, thereby making it stand erect. In erectile dysfunction, the action of cGMP is cut short for whatever reason by the enzyme, causing there to be a premature and possibly rush outflow of blood from the penile arteries. When this occurs, the erection in men cannot be maintained. Sildenafil Citrate inhibits this action and allows cGMP work for longer. This enables men to achieve and maintain an erection for longer, giving greater satisfaction to themselves and their partners.

KRKA is a pharmaceutical company that has registered several drugs over the years. The company works at producing and selling prescription drugs, non-prescription drugs as well as animal health products. Established in the year 1954, the company has since been dedicated to producing drugs all over the world. Currently, KRKA has established branches in many parts of Europe, making it a multinational pharmaceutical corporation.

Customer Reviews

KRKA, established in 1954 is based in Slovenia, with several branches in countries all over the world. Due to their international status, the company can boast a large market base that spans over 70 countries. The countries include the Russian Federation, Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Croatia., Romania, Bulgaria, the UK and Nordic countries, and also many African countries such as Kenya. The mission and vision of the cooperation since the year it was established has remained over the years to provide healthcare, both prescription and nonprescription to the world. This already large company aims to be one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of drugs worldwide. With such an impressive track record, it could be easy to convince potential buyers to patronize their wares, although it is widely advised to stick to companies and medications that have been reviewed by consumers. It is risky to make such purchases simply on a name basis, but a few exceptions could be made, after thorough and in-depth study of the company and its success rate.

Pricing and Dosage

With regards to its pricing, Vizarsin might not be named one of the cheapest erectile dysfunction medications, although it may be just as effective. A pill goes for about $6.12 at its lowest price. Prices differ between doses and vendors.

Even with its price, Vizarsin is still cheaper than brand Viagra which can go for as much as a piece

Even with its price, Vizarsin is still cheaper than brand Viagra which can go for as much as $60 a piece. It can also be seen that the price per pill decreases with increase in the number of pills bought.

Vizarsin comes in 25mg, 50mg and 100mg pills. A package can contain either 1 or 4 pills. The prices are adjusted to correspond with their market. It should be noted that the drug does not require a strict regimen of adherence, it should only be taken as needed.

How to Buy Vizarsin Online

Vizarsin was difficult to find online in our selected stores. This brings to mind the possible unpopularity if the drug, or a possible compromise in its quality. Whatever it may be, it is difficult to know for sure. Potential buyers are admonished to stick to brands that they know and have trusted over the years. A brand like Fildena has always been widely available to be found by anyone who is on the lookout for a good enough generic medicine to cure erectile dysfunction. Since the drug is widely available, reviews too can be found online to enable the potential buyer to make an informed decision about whether to go ahead with the transaction or not.

Fildena can be found in the following stores:

How to Use

Vizarsin is one of the many drugs that contain Sildenafil Citrate used to treat erectile dysfunction. The recommended dose is 50mg. Patients may be advised to take 25mg or 100mg by their physicians depending on their unique situation.

Vizarsin is designed to be taken orally, on an empty stomach, with adequate water. This should be done 60 minutes to the allotted time of sexual intercourse. Vizarsin does not work without sexual stimulation, so in order to enjoy the full therapeutic benefits of the medication, a little stimulation is necessary.

Side Effects

Only mild and transient side effects are noted with the use of Sildenafil containing erectile dysfunction drugs such as Virzasin. These effects could be spread around all the organs of the body. The drug can cause cardiovascular symptoms such as hypotension and angina, neurological symptoms such as dizziness and vertigo, gastrointestinal symptoms including nausea and vomiting. The sensory organs might be affected as some users have reported having blurriness of vision, ringing in the ears and decrease in hearing. Other symptoms include priapism, facial flushing, and swelling in the face and limbs. Patients should do well to see a doctor as soon as these symptoms persist or make them uncomfortable.

Conclusion with Rating

Vizarsin is created by a seemingly multinational pharmaceutical corporation based in Slovenia called KRKA. The drug contains a 5-phosphodiesterase inhibitor called Sildenafil Citrate which works by increasing blood flow to the penile arteries.

Regardless of the company’s multinational status, it was a bit difficult to find reviews online. While this may not necessarily be an attestation of the quality of the drug, it could reflect badly on potential buyers who have never even tried the drug and are looking to make their decision to buy based on real time, real life comments from fellow users.

Vizarsin was also not very available on the online market. It could be that these drugs are transported and distributed straight to pharmacies and is sold mostly offline, due to the large market base the pharmaceutical cooperation seems to have gathered all these years. KRKA may have a great history, and Virsazin a good drug but due to the online silence, it could be misconstrued that the drug has not got what it takes to penetrate the online market. Based on these facts, the drug can be rated 3 out of 5. There is the hope that it will become more available to countries outside of Europe online to encourage higher patronage.

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